Product model:XR Series Screen Size:51.84㎡
Project Location:China Project Time:2016-05-26

58 TongCheng is a full range of life services platform, with the total market value of nearly 7.5 billion US dollars. Business covers recruitment, real estate, automotive, finance, second – hand and local life services and other fields. In the user service level, 58 TongCheng is not only a platform for information exchange, but also a one-stop life service platform, gradually for businesses to establish a full range of marketing solutions.

Conference and meeting event smartly employ our advanced design——quick installation and high-quality guarantee.

Proper pixel pitch(8mm) meets the stage viewing distance and ensures the soft viewing effect.

Slight(12kg/㎡) and slim(aluminum) design ensures the installation process within 2 days.

High brightness(5500-6000nits) lights up the whole meeting room.

High transparency(80%) improves the luxury decoration style.