Product model:XW Series Screen Size:23.04SQM
Project Location:China Project Time:2016-08-11

Thanks to our professional partner- Zscreen&Advertising, NEXNOVO transparent led screen has been amazingly installed in one of the biggest shopping malls in Egypt-CityStar. As the largest super shopping mall in North Africa, City Star enjoys a great reputation among the local. In such a large shopping mall with over 700 stores, people can watch movies, go shopping in luxury flagships, have great meals, and etc. Undoubtedly, City Star shopping mall plays an irreplaceable role in the local people and tourists lives.

Hanging setting leaves no effect on the place usage.

Slight(12kg/㎡) and slim(aluminum) design makes it available for quick installation.
Proper resolution makes it clear and outstanding for the audiences even standing in a certain distance.

Auto-adjust brightness control would be more energy-saving and environment-friendly.

High transparency(80%) balances the natural lighting and promotion effect.