Product model:XW Series Screen Size:11.8㎡
Project Location:HonKong Project Time:2013-12-04

Founded in 1934, Chow Sang Sang now holds many branches and enjoys good reputation around the world. In 2014 New Year, Chow Sang Sang starts a new store in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, and employs transparent LED display from NEXNOVO TECHNOLOGY.

Jewelry’s elegance equipped with high tech transparent LED display, Chow Sang Sang’s images of nobleness, vogue leader, and personality are presented to the public.

High transparency(80%) also promote crystal, clear and luxury.

Flowing and lively video images perfectly reflect the jewelry’s magic and elegant.

High brightness ensures the soft viewing effect even standing in the opposite side.

Another item to prove that NEXNOVO TECHNOLOGY transparent LED display serves for high-end brands who are born to deserve luxury.