Product model:XW Series Screen Size:80.51
Project Location:Europe Project Time:2013-05-09

When a superior, luxury and high-end shopping mall chooses NEXNOVO transparent LED display, something change—— More eye-catching from customers and more confusion from business rival. It’s installed in a superior shopping mall in the Hague Netherlands with total screen area 60㎡. This screen has been implanted Graphics interactive system, so the showing content can be changed according to the audience’s gesture, which has a special advertising and entertainment effect, increasing the high-tech elements to the mall and enhancing the mall’s brand image.

Large size(80.51㎡) display is mounted on the entrance glass window and well-marked to all the passersby.

Slight(12kg/㎡) and slim(aluminum) design makes it quickly be installed within 2 days.

Clean structure and high transparency(80%) ensure the natural lighting and viewing performance.

Power supply is strong enough for sun corrosion.

Proper pixel pitch(16mm) is suitable for long-tern viewing distance.

High end deserves high tech.