Product model:XRW Series Screen Size:160㎡
Project Location:Other Project Time:2016-05-04

TRANSPARENT LED screen display for SOUTH TOWER——The steel and concrete shines all over the building

More and more glass building wall in our modern city, especially in bustling areas. The more buildings, the more creative designs. Passerby are easily absorbed by those creative buildings. That’s why advertising has a higher value when locates in central area.

NEXNOVO transparent LED display wall focuses on glass building advertising and related solutions. Transparent LED display breaks limited application, keeping building’s original appearance and function, at the same time,acting as an advertising display, who can occupy less space for installation, without any effect on installing other structure or machine.It weighs between 12 to 15kg/㎡, which asks for little requirements for building load.Cabinet dimension could also be customized to fit exact window size, which brings you glass windows and advertising display.

Customized size(161.28㎡)
perfectly matches the windows size. South Tower excellently shows its images and fashion for customers. When skyscraper building is equipped with high tech transparent LED display, something magical happen. South Tower in Japan recently employs NEXNOVO transparent LED display, and heated responses from customers totally reflect what a smart action South Tower Japan did.

Proper pixel pitch(20mm) ensures recommended viewing distance as well as energy efficiency.

Slight(12kg/㎡) and slim(aluminum) design leaves little effect on the building space, and keeps store original style and outlook.

High transparency(80-85%) and high brightness(5000-6000nits) make sure a great video performance.


Transparent LED screen shines all over the building with reinforced concrete structure. With the development of technology, NEXNOVO will provide more creative solutions for skyscrapers around the world.