Product model:XRW Series Screen Size:21sqm
Project Location:China Project Time:2016-08-25

KIABI, founded in 1978 in France, achieves very big success in a short time with their revolutionary marketing concept and passionate team. Recently, a KIABI flagship store located in Madrid, Spain employ a new thing to promote itself.

NEXNOVO transparent LED screen installed in KIABI store exactly shows its image of leadership, fashion and energy.

High transparency(75-80%) balances the indoor natural lighting and superior ad promotion.

High brightness(5000-6000nits) makes sure the great viewing performance.

Auto-adjust brightness control maximizes the energy saving(50% lower).

Slight(12kg/㎡) and slim(aluminum) design perfectly matches store window style.

High pixel pitch(3.9mm) ensures a clear viewing performance especially in busy street.