Product model:XR Series Screen Size:7680*4400mm、7680*4000mm
Project Location:China Project Time:2016-04-09

In 2016, NEXNOVO specially designed two transparent LED display with the exact dimension of 7680*4400mm and 7680*4000mm, for Hongkun Plaza, which installed at the atrium and entrance of the shopping center. The amazing showing effect not only improves brand image of the shopping mall, but also creates a strong atmosphere of science and technology. The perfect sense of space provides an enjoyable visual feast during shopping.

Fashionable plaza equipped with high tech transparent LED display, attracts more people and attention.

Slight(12kg/㎡) and slim(made of aluminium) shape make it easily match to the shopping mall decoration style.

High transparency(80%) helps to remain the natural lighting, balancing the lighting and promotion.

Proper pixel pitch(10mm) make it not only for longer viewing distance, but also for energy saving.