Product model:XRW Series Screen Size:12㎡
Project Location:Europe Project Time:2017-08-12

Repeat customers come from reliable quality and service.

Recently, another Orange Flagship Store chooses NEXNOVO transparent LED display and further promote its image. Orange is one of the largest operators of mobile and internet services in Europe and Africa, and a global leader in corporate telecommunication services. At this time, NEXNOVO continues to make a suitable project for Orange, which located in the Champs Elysees, the most busy and well-famous street in Paris.

Auto-adjust brightness control make it energy-efficient in daytime and nighttime.

High pixel pitch(5mm) provides a soft and eye-catching view performance.

High transparency(75-80%) balances the indoor natural lighting and the advertisement promotion.

Slim(12kg/㎡) and transparent design makes it take up little place, and at the same time keep the store clean and high end image.