Product model:XRW Series Screen Size:5.783㎡
Project Location:HonKong Project Time:2017-01-17

CLP POWER HONGKONG LTD , as a subsidiary of CLP Holdings Limited, is one of the largest investor-owned power businesses in Asia. Since 1901, we have always offered credible and high-quality services for more than 80% Hong Kong citizens.

Slight(12kg/㎡) and slim(aluminum) design mounted beside the windows, makes it a pretty outlook for store.

High transparency(5000-6000nits) not only remains the natural lighting but also enhances the high end of the brand.

High pixel pitch(3.9*7.8mm) offer a soft andclear viewing experience in narrow street.

CLP POWER HONG KONG together with NEXNOVO TECHNOLOGY keep improving and make the better products for customers.