Product model:XRW Series Screen Size:7㎡
Project Location:China Project Time:2017-08-03

As one of remarkable skyscrapers around the world, Taipei 101 this time again leads the trend, which employs the advanced technology——transparent LED display and highly promotes its reputation.

It’s a new start not only for Taipei 101, but also for NEXNOVO TECHNOLOGY. The display is needed to be mounted on the middle of the escalator. And from bottom to top, the area between the two paralleled escalators is becoming less and less. Definitely, it is a trapezoid design which asks for high tech.

We customized the module with pixel pitch at 10 mm, finally made the whole display in the area of 7 ㎡, which is suitable for customers watching the performance from the viewing platform. High transparency(>85%) and brightness(6000nits) would be definitely eye-catching and attract more visitors.