Product model:XRW Series Screen Size:205
Project Location:Europe Project Time:2017-02-21

NEVADA, a model of the new generation of centers and commercial parks, holds more than 180 firms at Nevada Shopping, distributed in 240 stores. The commercial center has 120,000㎡ of commercial area and the built meters are around 300,000㎡. 6000 free parking spaces, divided between the underground parking and the surface parking. 7,000 workers, and 230,000 visitors estimated a peak day.

Large size(210㎡) display mounted on facade of the window.
Proper pixel pitch(10mm) makes sure the customers can catch a soft and clear viewing performance especially standing in such a super shopping mall.

High transparency over 80%, balancing the natural lighting and promotion effect in daytime and nighttime.

High brightness(5500-6000nits) make it available for viewing from a certain distance.

Curiously attracted by the ad and high-tech performance, customers would come to buy something inside and promote “miracle” outside NEVADA center.