Product model:XRW Series Screen Size:15㎡
Project Location:China Project Time:2017-06-14

If now I go to university again, the top three on my list would be artificial intelligence, energy and bioscience, which are going to make a difference in the future”, said Bill Gates.
Hangzhou has seized the opportunity and built the first artificial intelligence town in China. Furthermore, based on the talent-first, the town make a pretty high-standard of living and working condition. There is no doubt that as absording more talents, the town is going to witness the great changes in China and around the world.

NEXNOVO Transparent LED display has been built in the hall which you can catch up at the first sight. Through the showing display, the idea of high tech, new changes, and also the creation are fully delieved to the visitors, who as a result acquire a clear awareness of artificial intelligence.

Pixel pitch: 7.5*8mm;
Transparency: >80%;
Brightness: 6000nits.